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It was a project we had to redo although the scripts came from the agency, we had to modify some aspects and rewrite them.


At first, a Storyboard was made for the animatic where the idea was to record… and then the pandemic arrived, it forced us to adapt to the contingency. We finally proposed this animated version that was worked out through illustration.


Production: @paulasandovalv
Voice Over: @carocoxg
Sound: @marceloaldunate
Motion Graphics: @studio.atomica
Motion Director: Matías Boza @matiboza
Composer: Junivan Contreras @j.jcontreras
Character Animation: Spiro Bunster @spirobunster
Animation Frame by frame: Felipe Ravanal @aurora.qla
Executive Production: Luis Moraga @luchomoraga Monserrat Pais @monsepais

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