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Musical production


Composition / Recording / Arrangements / Mixing / Mastering
We supervise and manage the recording and sound production of each musical requirement.
We collect the musical ideas for any project, collaboration, or selected covers or original songs of any artist/group and help to improve the songs, lyrics, or arrangements.
We supervise the entire process from pre-production, through the sound recording and mixing stages, to the audio mastering stage.

Music libraries

We represent more than 60,000 tracks that can be licensed in our territory to be used in any musical project, such as film, television, radio, and other media.

Music licenses

We help to license the use of any music with copyright to synchronize it in advertising, cinema, streaming, or tv.

Digital distribution

Atomica, in alliance with the renowned digital aggregator Altafonte, deploys marketing strategies for artists and thus can distribute their songs on digital platforms such as Spotify, apple music, amazon music, or tidal, among many others, as well as social media applications such as Instagram and TikTok.