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  1. The agency comes with the requirement for the Copa AmĆ©rica and Euro cup, where they had the idea of doing something in the style of ā€œGame of Thrones.ā€

Our role was to take care of that aesthetic. The idea was to make it look elegant and have the “power”- let’s say- to break the screen. We worked with references from various maps, with a brown, copper, and gold color palette, with a matte effect, alluding to glass.


Thus portraying the stadiums the same way as the “Game of thrones” series, on a metallic map.


Agency: Prolam Y&R Creative Director: Jaime Diaz
Screenplay: Marcelo Soler
Production: Atomic Studio
Executive Producer: Fernando Valenzuela and Luis Moraga
Creative Director & General Art: Matias Boza
Sound FX: Agustin Lopez Dyne Studio
Art Direction, 3D and Animation: Carlos Dordelly & Roberto Gonzalez

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